PP300 Compact

The PP300 Compact is an all-Swedish pellet press with a capacity of up to 250-350 kg of pellets per hour.

It is pelleting the wood raw material into pellets with a diameter of 8 mm. This compact model is built with the entire machine unit in a frame construction.

​The facility consists of a matrix and two feed wheels mounted on a driving fork. The pellet press is designed in a simple way to facilitate service and handling of the machine.

PP300 kompakt

Technical Data

Pelleting capacity approx. 250-350 kg/hour.

Electric motor 30kW

Cylinder matrix, inside diameter 410 mm, width 33 mm.

Press rollers:
2 pieces, diameter 200 mm.

Electrical cabinet:
PLC control. PLC with sensors placed around the machine for automatic operation.

Grinder 7.5kW

Complete stand, 2 x 3 meters (all-in-one)