Extra equipment

Large Sack-filler

Large Sack-filler is an automatic bag filler for bagging pellets.

The bag filler is developed for self-propelled filling of the bags and intended for bags up to over 1500 litres.

The pellet is transported on a smooth belt and guided down to the respective bag with the help of a damper. The bags are filled one by one and full bags can be exchanged for empty ones during operation. At each bag neck is a sensor that senses when the bag is full. When the bag is full, the damper to the bag is closed and the next one is opened instead. The filler is normally made for four sacks but can be obtained from two sacks upwards depending on needs and space.
The bag filler is delivered complete with sensor, work switch and control panel.

Small Sack-filler

Small Sack-filler is a PLC-controlled small bag filler for manual bagging of pellets. It has a high capacity because a new batch is weighed at the same time as the previous batch is bagged.

The sinking wave is fed by a frequency-controlled screw. At the end of the weighing, it goes down in revolutions (fine dosing mode) in order to achieve the best accuracy. The weighing container, which holds approx. 30 kg, is suspended in three weighing cells.

When the preset weight is reached, the pneumatic damper opens and the material falls into the intermediate container. The bag starts to fill as soon as the handle is lowered. At the same time, the balancing of a new rate starts. Only when the sub-container is empty can the waiting batch drop down. In this way, a very high capacity can be achieved.

Shavings - storage

- Adapted cross screw, e.g. 3000 mm, with drive unit 1.5 kW.
- Two longitudinal hydraulically driven rod feeders up to the screw.
- Hydraulic unit with changeover valve for driving bar feeder.
- Screw diameter 280 mm for trouble-free feeding of cutter chips from the pocket.
- The front wall must be tilted towards the storage to prevent suspension.
- Control of the amount of fuel is handled by the scrapers.

Silo and Sieve

Practical storage for high-quality delivery of pellets to any packaging equipment.

Screen for separating sawdust from the pellets, as well as discharging the pellets out of the silo.